Sunday, March 7, 2010

Little Bits of Life...Together

I did get James to take me out to dinner last night :)

We both just needed a break from Wedding World. We took a walk through our new neighborhood, since it was such a nice day. It is a cute little town - emphasis on 'little' - just a deli, pizza place, diner, thrift store, Chinese take-out, post office, luncheonette...but it's enough. We went into the thrift store and talked to the owner for a while - he gave us the run down on the town and community. It just had that small-town fee, which isn't common on L.I. It was great, though...the cliffs that overlook the Long Island Sound are actually within walking distance.

Then we tried a new local restaurant - we are HUGE fans of the Entertainment Book! We've found so many great places in there...and we go out to eat WAY more than we would without it. This Italian restaurant was great...felt like a quiet, quaint Tuscan hide-away. Food was delicious. They even gave us the discount without punching our Entertainment card, so we would come back again. Such a good peaceful, relaxing night...

Today we didn't really re-enter WW, so to speak, but we were reminded of it. Often. But in a good way. In church, lots of people were coming up to us, asking when the big day was. James was quick to answer, 'Two weeks and five days,' with a boyish smile on his face. And it felt great to see people's genuine enthusiasm for us.

Then we finally decided on our mattress today...Bob's Furniture is amazing!!! They even have a cafe there where they give out FREE coffee, ice cream, cookies, lemonade, iced tea while you shop. Excellent customer service and excellent deals!

We opted for a mattress a little more expensive , but it actually comes in a his side/her side. I like plush, he likes firm...Neither of us were willing to give up 20 years of sleep (it comes with a 20 year guarantee) so we splurged on the his side/her side. I think it was a smart idea.

As a bonus, we treated ourselves to one of those electric fire places. The sales guy - Arnie (such a doll! Took so much time with us!) - told us that it costs 3 cents an hour for the heat, and it throws off ALOT of heat. So, James convinced me it would be economical to get would add only an extra $10 to our electric bill a month - and would cut down the oil majorly!

A fun trip to Costco afterward - our first excursion shopping there together. That was successful, too. We just had a good time grocery shopping and picking up a few things for the house. And I think we were a good team. It just felt fun.

So, it was just a little bit of doing life together today...nothing overly exciting, but it just felt all 'new' to me...and it felt really good. These are the little things of being part of a couple that I have so looked forward for years. And it was nice to be actually living it a little today. It was overly romantic or it didn't have this dramatic background music. It was all 'normal' stuff...but it felt special to me.

We had a few conversations pertaining to the wedding, but I think we are passed stressing over it. It will be what it is and it will be wonderful. And by the end of the day, we will be married. So, it's all good.

Two weeks and five days...


  1. Oh, so much to do, so little time, huh? Good idea to take a relaxing break. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did!

    1 Day, 2 Day, Birthday, Seuss Day!

  2. Sounds like you had a great break from WW! I wish we had taken more time picking a mattress...we are only 3 years into our 15 year guarantee and I want a new one :o(

  3. If you successfully negotiated a mattress purchase, the marriage will have no trouble. Our mattress now has twin valleys with a huge mountain top in the middle. I told my husband he could sleep up there last night. I'm all about generosity.

  4. Sounds like you are transitioning from the planning to the enjoying. At some point, it is time to stop and just enjoy the fruits of your labor.

  5. It's wonderful to hear from you. :) Your only obligation for the next few weeks is to enjoy yourself, so don't worry about the blog or crazy people who are going to poke their heads into your life and plans at the last minute.

    I think it's wonderful that you splurged a little and explored your new neighborhood together. You're off to a great start as a pair!

  6. I LOVE Bobs! I am a huge fan! You really can't beat their prices and they have really great stuff! Sounds like a nice day :)