Sunday, January 24, 2010

Movin' Out - Part 2

For those just tuning in, you can catch the first part of the story in my last post.

OK, I left off describing how we lost the bid on the first house we were hoping for. Here is where we pick up again:

After about a week of licking our wounds, we started to look again. Armed with our new list, we did the circuit again. By the end of the day, there were two that we were interested in. We made an appointment with our realtor, and it was clear which was the better of the two.

The one we liked had just been updated with new siding, roof, windows, doors, cesspool, fence, and electric. It was a nice-sized flat lot (rare in that area) with the potential to be expanded in any direction - and it had a white picket fence to boot.

Not to be outdone again, we put in an offer right away.

While we were waiting to hear back from the realtors, James and I would say to ourselves, "What are we doing??? Should we even be doing this??? Now??? A wedding and a house???? Are we crazy???" It's funny though, because all of the wise people we ran this crazy scheme by affirmed that it was not so crazy after all. In fact, it was a smart move (Yay! Point for us!).

A few phone calls, a few negotiations, a few stipulations - but they took it. They accepted our offer.

We could hardly believe this was happening for us. Now that we had gone beyond 'just a dream' to a 'real possibility,' my anxiety started to kick in a notch. By this time, I was scared to get my hopes us.

There's a little bit of a back-story as to why this was so important to us that I'll share another time, but just trust me when I say, moving into 'our' house was important to me. We had prayed at every stage of this process and we knew we would be OK if things didn't work out. But the blessing it would be to move into a house that was actually ours would be was huge (and not in the I-need-to-be-living-the-American-dream- kind of way).

But, deep down, I just felt like this was a long-shot (See? My negative thinking!). There were just so many odd-shaped pieces that had to fit together:

The taxes had to fall within a certain amount. {They did.}

The house had to pass inspection. {It did.}

We had to officially get approved for the mortgage. {We did.}

The seller had to agree to the closing concessions. {He did.}

And he had to agree to do the minor repairs. {Yes, that too.}

The house had to be appraised for the right amount. {Mmm- hmmm. You know where this is going...}

I was so afraid we would get to the next stage and the bottom would fall out. But to my surprise, lack of faith, God kept the ground firm beneath us and opened the next door for us to walk through. There were a few unexpected expenses (which actually is to be expected), but amazingly, the money was there each time. Don't ask me how...but it was.

So, yesterday, we did the walk-through, and we are so convinced this was the right house. The owner was amazing and spent over two hours with us, showing us the ropes and letting us pick his brain for how we might do some renovations. We were so excited to plan and dream and imagine our life together in this house.

It all happened so fast - we only started house-shopping in November! But the contract was signed by December 22, and we will be closing tomorrow on January 25. And honestly, the timing is perfect. Any earlier, we would have had to pay the mortgage and my rent for a few months. Any later, the wedding would have been right on top of us.

So, James will start moving in this week, which will give him the weeks between the Jets play-offs and the Super Bowl to get settled in the TV hooked up(and if you knew my James, you would know what a big deal that is!). Then, little by little, I will bring my stuff over and then move myself in after the wedding (Yes, we are waiting until after we are married to live together).

We are prepared for the next few weeks to be a little crazy, but we are totally awe-struck when we sit back and think this over. Who would have thought a social services housing worker and a Christian school teacher on Long Island could have ever afforded to buy a home on Long Island???

It is beyond what we would have thought to ask - but not beyond what God would have thought:

"For I know the thoughts that I think toward you," says the Lord,
"thoughts of peace and not of ev
il, to give you a future and a hope."

~ Jeremiah 29:11 (NKJV)

Only God could have come up with this. Only God can make those crazy-shaped-pieces-that-don'

Our new 2 bedroom 'cozy' cottage. Thank you, Jesus!


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  2. I also read the previous post and ... what a great miracle! What a beautiful house Katie! there is nothing impossible for God, we are the ones who still seem to not be able to believe that He does have the best for His children! You and James will start this marriage on the best foundation, which is Jesus, and He has already started to bless that!

    Praise the Lord! I wish I was closer! that looks like the perfect house to have a cup of coffee with a dear friend and sister in Christ! :)

    Hugs and Congratulations!

    and even if fears and doubts come back later... and you start wondering if it was the right decision have peace... and remember that your Father takes care of you.

    Note: I removed the previous comment just to change Jamie to James.... :)

  3. Congratulations on your new home! It is adorable and perfect for a couple just starting their lives together. I'm glad everything clicked into place for you guys.

    And thank you for visiting my blog last week!

  4. Thats a gorgeous cottage! Wow - God was looking out for you guys - thats great!! Hope you make lots of Happy Memories there! :)

  5. PS - check out my blog tomorrow - I am tagging you in a post! :)

  6. What a cute house! I wish you lots of luck with the wedding/moving. We live together in a small condo now and want to HOUSE hunt after the wedding, I hope it goes that quickly for us! Thanks for stopping by at my little blog :o)

  7. Popping in from SITS!
    Congratulations on your new home!

    God works it out for us all the time
    doesn't he? You said it right! Thank you Jesus!
    Happy Closing!!!

  8. Thanks for the birthday wishes!! Hope everything works out with the house hunting! :)

  9. Congrats on the new home...buying a home is always a little nerve wracking whether it is the first time or the 5th time. Enjoy it and it will be so great to have your home all ready before the wedding.
    Holly @ 504 Main and hip weddings