Friday, December 18, 2009

Taking a Breather

Stop the insanity!!! I have gotten into the nightly happen of checking on all the blogs I follow - which is a good thing and a bad thing. On the one hand, it helps me decompress a little. On the other hand, it sometimes adds to my stress by seeing all the things I 'should' be doing and 'should' have as a part of my wedding.

Ironically, I came across a post from one of the said blogs - weddingbee - this blog in particular. She discussed how easy it is to get sucked into all the expectations of a perfect day, which can completely suck the joy out of this amazing event. It was interesting - and refreshing to read this on a blog that sometimes contributes to the problem (inadvertently, of course!).

For the moment, I have taken a breather from all the plans - to just touch down to earth again and get out of the parallel universe of wedding planning. It's nice to just think about family and Christmas without worrying about what I should or shouldn't be having, planning, doing, etc.

That is one lesson I learned ( - well, am learning) through this process - and it is really applicable to anything: Stop trying for perfection. It will be good enough. I don't need the perfect dress, the perfect favors, the perfect invites, the perfect hair and make-up (well....if I could have the perfect something, I might put my energy here! Vanity! lol) is going to beautiful and beautiful is good enough. It does not have to be 'the best.' It does not have to be 'perfect.' It will be beautiful. Good enough is good enough.

Nothing is perfect and I think God is teaching me this lesson. That being said, I am taking a hiatus from all the planning, and it feels great. Instead of being ultra- stressed, I am choosing to take the chill approach, realizing that it will all come together in the end. Which, actually, is what James said in the beginning. {Grrrrrrrrr!!!!!!}


  1. Happy Saturday SITSfest! What a fun blog! I've been married just over 4 years and it's been bliss. We had a gorgeous, simple wedding with mostly just family but it still took time and a fair share of stress to plan. :) Good luck!

  2. Happy SITS Sharefest! I was a wedding planner for years...the advice is so right..I have seen people obsess about every detail and spend 6 figures on their wedding and be unhappy and I have seen people spend a fraction of that and be ecstatic.

    As long as you are happy, in the moment and marrying the one you love it will be perfect!

    Holly @

  3. Wedding planning can definitely drive you a bit mad! Just take it all one step at a time and stay true to you guys. At the end of the day you are absolutely right! Everything will be beautiful! Looking forward to following along on your journey!