Sunday, January 1, 2012

I Am Moving!

Happy New Year! I'd be beyond shocked if my blog still showed up on anyone's reader, but on the chance that it might...

After hanging out below the radar for about a year or so, I am 'resolving' to get back into blogging. It seemed like too much work to try to change the theme but have my URL so clearly connected to 'wedding', so I opened up a new blog altogether.

The new blog is 'This Side of Eden' and the content will be a lot broader than just love and marriage. It would consider it an honor if you joined me over there.

I am also attempting Project 365 again this year - a picture for every day of the year. The blog site for that is 'A Hundred Affections.'

I realize I may be setting some lofty's to a new year!

Wherever life and/or your blogs take you this year - all the best!! :)

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