Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Confessions of a Delinquent Blogger

Well, the reasons I have been delinquent in blogging are simple:

1. The obvious: T.I.M.E. I am struggling a little with this time-management thing! It is a whole new routine, being a newlywed. And we haven't settled into a clear-cut routine yet. For a few reasons. Primarily, James is definitely not a routine guy. He likes to 'feel' a moment and see how it 'evolves.' While that is beautifully spontaneous, it's not good for the perfectionist planner like me!

Second - my schedule after school is different every day. Some days it is my 2nd job, some days it is teacher's meetings, some days it is extra help or tutoring, some days it is running errands. So, I get home at a different time every day. Combine that with James 'feeling a moment' - and well... I never know what a night will hold.

The other reason I feel like I am struggling with time is that I am trying to catch up on all the work I put off while I was planning the wedding. I have SO.MUCH. grading and lesson plans and instructional plans, blah, blah, blah...things I should have been doing all semester. I have senior thesis papers that my students turned in in FEBRUARY that I have not finished grading yet. I kid you not! It's shameful! Which leads me to my next point...

2. I feel guilty for blogging when I still have all those papers to grade (which, as you can see, is really stopping me). Ok, moving on...

3. I have been waiting for pictures. I have lots of stories to tell - with pictures to go along with them - just waiting for friends to email them to me. Don't want to become the annoying bride who emails and emails and emails and thinks the world revolves around her shower and wedding pictures. So I have been biding my time...but sit tight, they are coming...

4. I have been re-thinking my blog content. "One Girl's Journey to the Altar" has finally arrived at the altar. Now what? The content will still be along the lines of "Life After the Altar" - although not exclusive to just marriage and relationships. So, at some point I will have to make the shift - and I have also been playing around with a new name. My sister - "The Girl Creative" - is going to help with a new design, so I am hoping to have the new 'reveal' sometime in June.

So, all that to say - I miss Blogworld. I miss blogging on my blog, I miss reading others' blogs, I miss commenting and I miss reading comments. I miss the friendships and camaraderie and the connection.

But I am excited to get back into it soon.

I haven't forgotten about you all, my friends. I am hoping to get into the swing of things soon. At least as soon as I get those papers graded. (Really, it is so shameful).

My friend Kate at Newlywed and Unemployed has allowed me to be a guest blogger featured today - so you can check out some of my newlywed thoughts over there. She is a great read, too!

And just a disclaimer...at the end of my post over there, I stated about married life, "I am liking it just fine." James took issue with that: "Just fine? That's it? Not loving it?"

I tried to explain that I said that line with a sassy smile. "Did you indicate that there was a sassy smile with that?" "Well, no...but they will get it..." "Well, I don't know, then. I would just think it was just OK if I read that..."

So, let me just say LOUD AND CLEAR - that I am LOVING married life just fine (wink, sassy smile).



  1. Hahaha bet he is happy about the clarification. I will happily wait for pics! I am dying to see them :)

  2. keep it up though...i really enjoy your posts!

  3. My husband once described his feelings toward marriage this way: "I'm fairly content most of the time." High praise indeed!

  4. LOL!! So stinkin' funny!!!! (about James' comment and "feeling a moment")LOL

  5. Thank you for the guest post!

    You can reassure James that I totally read that last bit with a satisfied smirk and a saucy wink in the tone.

  6. I so appreciate your encouragement on my blog the other day. You made me think, and I posted about it on my blog today.

    Thank you, sweet friend.

  7. Hello fellow SITSta! You are forgiven because of the wedding but now it's back to homework and, apparently, more homework! Come visit when you can.