Saturday, August 29, 2009

How I Came to Meet 'The Border's Guy'

This actually is kind of a fun story. In October 2006, I was in Border's Bookstore, killing time while my nephew Mike was at youth group. I was looking in the Christian book section, when this really good-looking guy started to look at Christian books also. We acknowledged and smiled at each other, and we both continued to browse. I lingered a little longer than necessary because, when do you ever see a good-looking guy in the Christian book section??? For me, those two worlds just never seemed to collide (By that, I mean 'Christian' and 'good-looking guy').

I tried my hardest to think of something clever to say, but - darn it - nothing. I stalled, hoping that he might talk to me, but - nothing. Finally, I went to go sit down with my books and my friend Ryan, one of my best friends. I explained the scenario to him, and wouldn't you know it, the cute guy also sat down in a chair not far from us. "That's him!!! What do I do now??? It looks like you are my boyfriend!!!" Ry said, "Let me get up and walk around and maybe he'll come over to you." I said back, "But it already looks like we are together!" Ry got up anyway, such luck. The cute 'Border's Guy' did not approach.

Well, next Wednesday rolled around. I thought, "Maybe if I go back again, maybe he'll be back at the same time, the same place..." [I have to put in a disclaimer here. I have never done anything like that in my life. It was completely out of character for me!] However, I went to Border's again - same time, same place. No such luck. Chalk it up to fate, God's will - whatever. It just wasn't happening with me and 'The Border's Guy'. And so, life went on...

I didn't really think much about The Border's Guy after that...all I really remembered was that he was good-looking (tall, nice build, dark hair and light eyes), a Christian (from what I was guessing), and for some reason, I remembered his outfit (a sweater that stuck out in my memory, for some reason - and black dress pants).

Fast forward almost a year later - Labor Day Weekend: Sunday, September 2nd, 2007. I was in church as usual that Sunday. My mom was with me b/c we had a baby shower to go to after. I sat where I usually sat. The service began, and a few minutes into the service, a group of 3 came and sat in my row. Rob I recognized. He came every week and sat in his usual seat (Far right side, end seat, near the fake tree in the corner). Well, other people were in his seat, so Rob and his entourage came and sat in my row. There was another girl and guy with him, so in my mind, I put together that it must have been Rob's brother and Rob's brother's girlfriend.

In the middle of the service, the pastor had us greet the people around us, as is our usual custom. I turned and said hello to Rob's friend and introduced myself. He said, "Hi, I'm James. I'm here with my friend Rob and his girlfriend." Oh, OK, I thought to myself. Not Rob's brother; not Rob's brother's girlfriend.

Service went on as usual, and after the service, James and I chit-chatted for a few minutes. James said he was looking for a new church and I casually told him our church was great and that he should try it.

After we say goodbye, my mother was instantly like, "Katie - who was that guy??? He seemed like he was interested in talking to you...Maybe he's 'The One.'" You know mothers... "No, Mom. I have no idea who he is. Please, let's not even go there."

When you've played this single's game as long as I had, I just knew that I shouldn't even touch this. How many times had I randomly bumped into guys and thought, '"Maybe this is 'The One,'"... only to find out - nope, not the one.

"Mom, let's just leave it alone."

So, next Sunday came around, and James was back. After the service, I was talking w/ some of my former students, and I saw him across the lobby with Rob. I made up in my mind that I was not going to pursue this. If something was meant to happen, he would have to take the lead. Well, a few minutes later, James just marched across the lobby to me and started talking. I was impressed. We chatted again and that was that.

Well, next Sunday came around, and he found me again. And we chatted. And then we ended up planning to go to the same Sunday School class next week. And then after that, we ended up talking to each other during the break between class and the service. And then after that, James asked if he could sit with me. And then after that, he asked for my phone number. And then after that, he asked to take me out...

OK, now this is where the story gets fun. About six weeks after we had met (by this time, we were talking on the phone and had been out maybe once or twice), James walked into Sunday School a little late, and I thought to myself, "That sweater looks really familiar. It kind of looks like the sweater The Border's Guy was wearing." And then I tried to remember what The Border's Guy looked like...couldn't really remember. But he did have dark hair and light eyes - and so did James. I contemplated the possibility for a moment but just wrote it off as coincidence. It wasn't more than just a blip on the radar - came and went. A sweater is a sweater.

Well, later that week, James emailed me and told me that he was going to Border's one night to read before work. "No way," I thought to myself..."What are the odds..."

This drove me crazy all week. And finally, I just had to ask: "Um, James - do you go to Borders much?" "Yeah, I go sometimes just to read." "Um, were you going about this time last year???" "In October?" "Yeah." "Yeah, why?" "I know this might sound crazy but...." And I proceeded to tell him of my encounter with The Border's Guy. He was quiet for a minute, and I began to feel stupid. Then, finally, he said, "Were you wearing a denim jacket???" I was. I usually am wearing a denim jacket. "Yes..." "I remember you! You were with that dude! I knew you looked familiar when I met you. I remember being disappointed that you had a boyfriend. And I even prayed, 'Now God, why can't you send me a pretty Christian girl like her???' "

No. Way.

Here I was, hanging out with The Border's Guy.

James later told me that he had planned on coming up to talk to me that night...until he saw me there with 'that dude.' A little later, we actually did stop into Border's one night, and - just to prove he wasn't lying - James pointed out where he had been sitting and where I had been sitting... and yup, he definitely was the one - The Border's Guy.

And now, almost three years later and with a ring on my finger, I am happy to report that my mom was right - James was 'The One.'

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  1. Okay, AWESOME first post! I LOVE it!! Had me smiling from ear to ear. Oh, Tim and I met labor day weekend too. How funny is that??? :)